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Beautiful ceremonies for life & death

Whether for a wedding, a naming or a funeral, a ceremony is an essential component of a meaningful and personalised event. You want it to be perfect, and you want it to represent your own beliefs and values, or those of your loved one.

As an independent, civil celebrant, I can provide you with whatever ceremony you like, whether that is humanist, semi-religious, alternative faith, non-religious, whatever you want! In many cases, I can also conduct it wherever you would like it.


Whether you require a ceremony to be completely non-religious, humanist, or secular, or whether you would like a religious element or several in there, it will be what you wish it to be. The beauty of hiring me as a civil celebrant is that my objective is to provide you with the ceremony that is personal to you or your loved one, rather than impose upon you a ceremony or a belief system that doesn't match your own.


From personal experience, I know the importance of getting it right.

I am a full member of the Association of Independent Celebrants, which means I abide by their code of practice, and have professional indemnity insurance cover.


Please visit the relevant page for more information about the ceremony you require. I can also offer other ceremonies according to your unique circumstances or requirements.


Contact me for more information.

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